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xingyue musical co., ltd, has own factories, after 12 years of development, has brown into a new group of company. Mainly produce saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet , brass wind instruments and accessories. Accessories include saxophone mouthpiece, saxophone ligature, saxophone pads, trumpet mouthpiece and all kinds of case. Semi-finished products the annual output of more than 20000, finished the annual output of thousands of domestic leading wind instruments manufactures.
Our company has imported and domestic self-developed NC machine 12 units, most of the parts are produced by NC machine, machining precision can reach 0.005mm electrophoresis paint production line, paint liquid DuPont products, electrophoresis paint film is more uniform than painting, color is more brighter.
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In order to satisfy various types customer, We can request according to the customer to provide the design and the production.
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